496324 - Survivair Panther High Pressure Premium

The Survivair Panther HUD (2002-style) is a premium industrial SCBA designed for users requiring a NIOSH-certified SCBA for industrial high-heat, flashover or non-fire-related applications with standard Heads-Up Display and RIC/UAC
Manufacturer: Survivair
Manufacturer part number: 496324
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Item Details

Honeywell Panther® Premium Industrial SCBA with heads-up display, renders air supply for 30 min and has carbon cylinder. It provides protection against unforeseen circumstances in the industrial market. It features light backpack with lumbar pad, SAR attachment with hansen couplings and Twenty Twenty Plus or classic facepiece with either a silicone strap, Kevlar® mesh or classic silicone. It supports bell, plain whistle or warbling whistle alarm and no tools are required for maintenance. It is certified by NIOSH and can be used in chemical, manufacturing, military, mining as well as welding applications.


  • High-heat and flashover industrial unit provides protection from these unforseen circumstances in the industrial market
  • Mighty-Light backpack with lumbar pad that is lightweight, easy to use and comfortable. Lumbar pad for added back support. No tools required for easy maintenance
  • Twenty Twenty Plus or Classic facepiece with either a silicone strap, Kevlar mesh or classic silicone
  • Choice of 3 low air alarms - Bell, Plain Whistle or Warbling Whistle
  • Communications options include voice amp and hard wired radio systems
  • Supplied air attachment options allow air to be supplied from a remote source or a long duration escape cylinder
  • Welding shield option is available for Classic facepiece and easily attaches without the use of tools and includes your choice of auto-darkening 9-12 shade or fixed shade 10 lens


  • NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84


  • Fire Protection
  • Forestry
  • Government
  • Municipal Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel and Metals

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Air Supply Time

» 30 min

Cylinder Type

» Carbon

Air Flow

» 4500 psig

Brand Name

» Panther® 2002

Air Supply Time (2)

» 30 Minute

Min Qty: 1 EA - Each