Junkin Safety


Junkin Safety
is a manufacturer of safety, rescue and survival products.  All Junkin products are Manufactured in the USA.
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Industrial Unit First Aid Kits

Kits stocked with medical supplies in sterile, waterproof poly sealed containers

JSA-1000-W Fire Blanket Kit

Cabinet is bright Red Enamel with White lettering

JSA-1006 Rust Proof Fire Blanket Kit

Kit consists of JSA-1002 Fire Blanket and PVC Plastic Canister complete with mounting brackets

JSA-666 - Junkin Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher Kit

All component parts of the Stretcher Kit may be ordered separately.

JUNKIN JSA-18-20 Six Splint Kit

For immediate first-aid treatment of sprains, fractures, dislocations, cuts, burns and related injuries

JUNKIN JSA-20-05 4-Pak Kit - Nec Loc Extrication Collar

Two piece design, with front piece locking strap allows for maximum support and stability

JUNKIN JSA-300 PC Plastisol Coated Splint Stretcher

Gray plastisol coating to make it rust proof!

JUNKIN JSA-300 Standard Splint Stretcher

Lightweight Basket Type Stretcher!

JUNKIN JSA-300-4 Replacement Straps (for 300 Series Stretcher)

Replacement Straps for 300 Series Stretcher!

JUNKIN JSA-300-X NYLON BRIDLE SLING (for 200/300 Series Stretchers)

The JSA-300-X Stretcher Bridle Sling provides horizontal or vertical lifting capacity of up to 2,500 lbs

JUNKIN JSA-333 Standard Splint Stretcher Kit

Designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory

JUNKIN JSA-360 18 Full Length Backboard 18”

Backboards available as rigid and folding types


Backboards available as rigid and folding types!

JUNKIN JSA-360-CS Backboard Confined Space 14”

For use with our Confined Space Stretcher JSA-300-CS!

JUNKIN JSA-364 First Aid Cot, Folding

Ideal for heavy duty use in industry or institutions

JUNKIN JSA-365 Plastic Backboard

Rugged one piece lightweight polyethylene spineboard!