MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

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10047238 - MSA Gray Quick-Connect Button Assembly For FireHawk® M7 Air Mask

For Use With Firehawk® Responder® Second Stage Regulator!

10102859 - MSA Replacement Right Side Pull Strap For AirHawk® II Air Mask

MSA Replacement MMR/BMR Right Side Pull Strap is compatible with AirHawk® II air mask.

10102889 - MSA Vulcan™ Left Replacement Shoulder Strap

For Use With FireHawk® M7 Carrier And Harness Assembly

10119507 - MSA 30' Workman® Galvanized Cable Self-Retracting Lanyard

MSA Workman® 30' Galvanized Cable Self-Retracting Lanyard is provided with a 36CS swivel snap hook and load indicator at lifeline end greatly limits twisting of cable and also alarms the users that the workman SRL has been involved in a fall.

10127061 - MSA Black HDPE General Purpose Headgear With Ratchet Suspension And 7

V-Gard Headgear, in combination with wide range of V-Gard Visors, offers a comprehensive face protection system that can be used when a helmet is not needed

467895 - MSA .25 LPM Model RP Fixed Flow Regulator For RP Style Calibration Gas Cylinders (MSA467895)

MSA 0.25 LPM fixed flow regulator is designed for R and RP calibration cylinders.

711066 - Calibration Cylinder, Gas, 34 L, (CL2)-10 PPM (MSA711066)

MSA offers a complete line of calibration gas cylinders to calibrate all instruments. The gas mixture in calibration gas cylinders is certified to be prepared gravimetrically, using NIST traceable weights.


Provides emergency air in toxic or oxygen-deficient conditions.